Rock Chip Repair

Most windshields sold and installed in cars are made of laminated safety glass. Essentially what this means is that two sheets of glass are laminated with the help of thin layers of plastic between them. Auto glass made in this manner offers a certain advantage, in case a rock hits your glass and damages the windshield or window, it can be sealed with rock chip repairs.

If the rock chip is not repaired on time, it can lead to a crack and may require the entire windshield or window glass to be replaced. These cracks will cost you much more than just an auto glass rock chip repair. Rock chips tend to expand in extreme cold or hot weathers. The standard rock chip repair process includes removing the air from the rock chip and sealing it with a clear resin, thus preventing the chip from turning into a crack.

Auto Glass Rock Chip Repairs Include:

  • Windshield Chip Repair
  • Windshield Scratch Repair
  • Fix Cracked Windshield
  • Repair Rock Chips
Broken Car Window

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